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Low Latency APTX Headphone Test for Minelab Metal Detectors

This is a cheap and effective solution for any Metal Detectorists looking for a lossless (low latency / APTX) Bluetooth Wireless headphones. This solution will work on ANY METAL DETECTOR with a 3.5mm audio jackplug – I happen to be using a Minelab Xterra Pro. I have also tested this with a Rutus Alter 71, Deeptech Vista Gold Gain, Minelab Equinox 700 and Minelab Vanquish 340. The detectors below are TWO of the 5 different metal detectors I have tested this loss less Bluetooth Heaphone setup on. Each time – the results have been the same. PLEASE SCROLL down to Watch the Video of the transmitter and headphones in action.

If you buy a regular (normally about £7-15) Bluetooth Transmitter and pair it with a regular pair of Bluetooth headphones you may suffer an audio delay when detecting. This latent loss means you will hear the BEEP when the detector coil is 30 – 40cm away from the actual target. NO GOOD – I tried this initially with some lovely Sony Headphones but it was impossible to use.

The models I bought from Amazon were the Sound Blaster JAM V2 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones with (APTX Low Latency) and the 1Mii Bluetooth 5.3 Transmitter with 3.5mm Jack Plug. CLICK the IMAGES to go directly to AMAZON to check prices etc.

CHARGE both units with supplied leads and USB plug.

PAIR the HEADPHONES to the TRANSMITTER. This is easy enough. Press and HOLD the ON switch of the CREATIVE LABS headphones (right side, large disc).

Put the TRANSMITTER in to TX mode (slide the switch) and PRESS and HOLD the circular button. In a few seconds the headphones will say “PAIRED” or similar. Then just plug the headphone socket in to your metal detector and swing that coil over a target.

I believe the delay is less than 50ms – I genuinely couldn’t notice any delay. I have now LIVE DETECTED on several occasions with this set up and it’s worked perfectly. I have found the targets accurately without any problems. NOTE – there is a low buzz that you can hear sometimes – it’s very quiet but it’s definitely there. I got over this by turning the THRESHOLD volume of my Xterra Pro to about 10. It’s one of those noises that your brain will filter out soon enough.

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